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Creating A Memorable Experience For Trade Show Participants

Today’s trade shows are truly something different from those of just a decade ago. Today, standing out among the other exhibits can be a real challenge thanks to the amount of effort and creativity that many will put into their displays.

It’s more important than ever, that you do. After all, few tools are as effective at gaining attention and generating leads as a successful trade show presence. As such, it’s vital that you take the time to stand out. And in order to do so, you need to create a memorable experience for your participants. You’re going to be one of many exhibits they see, and in order to get the best results, you’ll have to be remembered.

There are a few great tips that can help you craft an experience for participants that they’ll actually remember after they leave the show. Here are some of the best ones for you to remember.

  • Give Them Something Worthwhile – Most exhibitors hand out freebies, but if you really want to be remembered, you need to go beyond a pen. Try to think of something that will match the overall brand of your business and that will actually be used regularly or appreciated by your visitors.

  • Integrate Technology – Don’t just create an exhibit that involves a few signs and a talking head. Get interactive. Digital monitors, tablets, video, sound, when used to showcase your product or service, will really attract people’s attention and ensure that you get noticed.

  • Get Active – Rather than just hang around the exhibit and randomly engaging with participants, be an active part of your display. Talk, ask questions, answer them, walk visitors through your exhibit explaining your offering, and generally interact in meaningful and exciting ways.

  • Entertain – The best exhibits don’t just show a bit of info and hand out a few documents and stop there. You want to really stand out, and that means entertaining participants. You don’t have to be funny – just create an experience that goes beyond “Hi, here’s our business. Here’s what we do. Thanks for coming”. Crafting an experience that entertains will help them remember you in a big way.

Keeping these basic tips in mind and building from them, will make it much easier for your business to successfully create an exhibit at the next trade show that will stand out and be remembered by all of your prospective clients. Our team can make it even easier, so don’t’ hesitate to contact Lighthouse Exhibit to learn more.

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