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Social Media And Your Next Trade Show Experience

Today’s technology has changed a lot of different things in the world, and that goes for trade shows as well. These are still great opportunities for you to reach out and connect with new leads and to solidify your relationship with existing customers or clients, but the tools that are often used in trade shows have changed in some very big ways.

Social media is a perfect example of this. While any business operating today will likely have some kind of social media presence that they use for marketing and interacting with leads and potential clients, how many really make use of social media before, during, and after a trade show? It’s important to take a closer look at this, since integrating social media into your trade show exhibit design and your overall approach to the event could have a big impact on your results.

Before The Show First, let’s talk about what you do before the show. You’ll want to start announcing your presence at the trade show, obviously. Using a blog or a Facebook to promote some of the new things you’ll be showcasing there can generate interest, but you could also offer some form of special deal to those who are fans on Facebook who arrive at the booth. Or set up a contest where everyone who shares your announcement or who follows you on Twitter will be entered into a drawing.

During The Show Once the show is in full swing, you can use social media to send out blasts about what’s happening at your exhibit. A new demonstration is starting in a few or a chance to win one of your products is approaching. Send out a Tweet or make a Facebook post to announce it. Today’s participants use their mobile devices throughout their stay at a trade show enabling you to reach them easily. That’s just one example. Integrating social media into the show and your presence there is a must, and could increase your booth traffic considerably.

After The Show If you did things right, you’ll likely have a few more – or a lot more – followers on social media after the trade show. This is great since you now have the chance to interact and follow up with them. Use these new connections to their fullest and you’ll improve your bottom line in the process.

Our team of exhibit professionals can help you create a trade show experience that will truly wow participants. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to learn more.

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