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Capturing Millennial Attention At Your Next Trade Show

When your company sets up its exhibit at any upcoming trade show, chances are that you’re trying to attract the most potential leads to your company as you can. But did you know that the way your exhibit design is set up will impact the kind of participants you attract? It’s true, and today far too many trade show exhibit designs ignore the importance of wooing the millennial crowd.

Millennials are becoming the primary attendees at trade shows, and they’re out there in huge numbers. That’s why a boring, generic exhibit design with little more than some signage and maybe a Billy Mays style salesman just isn’t doing the trick anymore. Today’s savvy shoppers want more, and your design needs to give it to them.

Taking a closer look at your exhibit design could really change the way you reach the younger crowds. Here are some tips that can help you attract more millennials at your next trade show.

  • Never ignore technology. You can implement technology directly into your exhibit design in a number of ways, from video screens and displays to a virtual reality headset that lets users experience your products or services in a totally unique way. The key is standing out, and today’s technology makes it easier to do so.

  • Integrate social media. Relevant to the point above, integrating some form of social media into your trade show display is well worth doing and could help reach millennials who are always connected. Things like Tweets about your upcoming demonstrations or Facebook posts with special offers if they like your page and show up to your exhibit can all help get their attention.

  • Interactivity is a big part of what millennials are looking for. Try to include some interactive features in your exhibit to help capture their minds and ensure that they listen to what you have to offer them.

These are just three examples, but they should show you that things are changing. The old days of just standing at an exhibit and trying to hand out some freebies or some literature are gone. You have to go further, and that means taking a new approach to attracting younger participants.

Our exhibit professionals can help. As a full service exhibit company, we’re ready to help you create a new look for your next exhibit and ensure that you are able to get the attention of today’s strongest market – the millennials. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to learn more.

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