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Better Brand Building With Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are one of the most effective ways to business network, connect with customers and clients, and build buzz around your company and offerings. One of the keys to a truly successful trade show presence is building your company’s brand identity. This helps you establish your position in the field, can create attention for your company, and will help your exhibit and your business as a whole stand out in the memory of those who visit you during the show.

Unfortunately, many exhibit designs fail to really build your brand. If you’re not building brand identity in as many ways as possible, you’re missing out on some of the benefits you can gain from being at a trade show. There are a few different tips that can help you with this. Here are some of the best ideas for improving your exhibit design and building stronger brand identity.

  • Start by using your logo properly. It should be prominent throughout not only your display, but on materials and freebies you distribute as well. This can help immediately create solid brand identity and establish yourself in the minds of others.

  • Colors matter. Your company will be associated with the color scheme you use in your branding. Be sure to implement it throughout your trade show exhibit. This helps participants connect your company with the colors.

  • Implement your branding in not only your signage, but in every aspect of your display. For example, if your goal is to stand out as being safe or offering a safer alternative to something, consider using slogans or demonstrations that play up that angle. You want your visitors to associate your company with something in particular, so focus on it during your design.

  • Use technology to help spread your brand. From digital displays to social media profiles, it’s important that you implement your brand into each aspect of your display – and that you carry that same branding outside of the trade show.

The simple fact is that building a better brand identity is a must for anyone attempting to stand out and make a solid impression on all participants at the show. It’s not always easy or obvious as to how to go about it, however. Our team of exhibit professionals can make it easier to understand how to build a stronger brand identity within your exhibit. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to learn more.

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