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Wooing The Millennials At Your Next Trade Show

Bob Dylan’s line “The Times They Are A ‘Changing” is immortal – it has remained true throughout the decades and is still incredibly relevant in virtually every area of our lives. This applies to trade shows as well, and you only need to look at some pictures or videos of trade shows just a decade or two ago and compare it to today to see how much things have changed.

While exhibits and presentations have certainly changed, another thing that is shifting is the type of participants who show up and trade shows. Today, millennials are coming out in full force and are changing the market in a significant way. As a result, it’s important that you capture their attention – they’ve recently replaced baby boomers as the dominant force in the marketplace.

Here are a few examples of how you can start wooing millennials when you make your next trade show appearance.

  • Use social media to its fullest. When you integrate social media usage into your display and your appearance, you’ll be able to attract younger participants and at the same time create a better relationship with those who visit your exhibit.

  • Use technology. This is a generation that has grown up with technology being a major part of their lives. From streaming video to creative display games to email lists and beyond, it’s easy to use technology to connect with millennials and get them to notice your products and services at a trade show.

  • Interact at a peer-based level. One big problem that has become apparent is that many trade show exhibitors actually view millennials as either not being worth their time, not understanding major business concepts, or not having the funds/business prowess to really be beneficial to them. The reality is that today, millennials are the most important demographic you can impress. Treat them with respect, engage with them face to face, and interact the way you would want to be interacted with.

If you’ll keep these basic points in mind you should be able to take the steps needed to attract the attention of millennials when you set up your next trade show exhibit. It all starts with your attitude and extends into your exhibit. We can help with both. If you need a great exhibit that will get the attention of millennials, don’t hesitate to contact Lighthouse Exhibits to see more about how we can help.

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