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Turn Every Exhibit Visitor Into A Trade Show Participant

Trade shows can provide a wide range of benefits to anyone who sets up an exhibit and attracts visitors. But it’s important that you don’t just view each visitor to your exhibit as another in a long line – instead, you need to turn them into participants of the trade show. In other words, you should get them engaged and involved in order to create an experience that will be mutually beneficial. Here are some of the key reasons that turning a trade show visitor into a trade show participant should be one of the biggest focuses of your trade show plan. • Creating a participant directly engages with them and gets them involved in your exhibit. This can help you ensure that they understand the full scope of what you’re trying to convey.

• There are a huge number of exhibits at even the smallest convention or trade show. Standing out is important, and when you turn a visitor into a participant you’re able to make an impression that they’ll actually remember after they leave your space.

• Word of mouth is important, and when a participant leaves your exhibit and then tells someone else at the show about what they experienced, it can create positive buzz that will really build up attention for your company. Obviously it’s important that you take the time and effort needed to draw in and create participants. But how do you go about doing this? There’s no surefire way to go about it, but a few tips can help you succeed. • Use visual displays and even video to help draw attendees in. • Engage with attendees in games or demonstrations that they directly participate in • Choose the best graphic designs to immediately attract visitors to your exhibit. • Combine social media profiles with your exhibit to create additional engagement • Provide them with something that they’ll remember. This could be a giveaway item, but could also simply be a face to face engagement that creates a strong memory. All in all, using creativity to engage with participants at a trade show could make a huge difference in how effective your time at a trade show will be. If you’re looking for the best results possible, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to learn more about what our team can do to help you create an experience for participants that they won’t forget.

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