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Top 5 Tips To Get More From Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows can be one of the most effective ways to generate leads, create buzz about your business, and build connections within the industry. But there are plenty of right and wrong ways to go about exhibiting at one of these shows, and it’s important that you know how to get the most from your next trade show exhibit. Here are 5 of the key tips to keep in mind.

1. Set your goals and purpose clearly – Know what you’re trying to accomplish before you arrive. This includes knowing what message you’re trying to deliver, what group you’re specifically trying to target, and what kind of success you’re looking for. When you have a clear purpose and goal it’s easier to align everything else.

2. Freebies work – The right freebies are well worth their cost. Giveaway items that participants will actually use are the big key here – don’t give them something that they’re just going to throw away. Instead, try to find items that fit the overall theme and focus of your field and that participants will use daily after leaving the show. Make sure to include your logo and website.

3. Engage your participants – You don’t want to be left just speaking about your product or service when you draw a crowd to your booth. Instead, engage with them. Use interactive media and displays to help create a solid impression that they’ll remember – and tell others about.

4. Make use of technology – There’s no time like the present to make the most of today’s technology. From having a high tech display that really captures the attention of participants to the use of a scanner system that scans participant badges to learn more about them, make sure you’re letting technology work for you inside your booth.

5. Follow up leads quickly – Once you generate a lead at the trade show, it’s important that you know how to nurture and cultivate that lead into an actual customer. They’re going to see a lot at the trade show and it’s easy for them to forget information after leaving the show. Try to follow up as soon as you can with a call, an email, a social media connection, or an in person meeting.

If you’ll remember these basic points you should be able to create a trade show experience that will stand out in the minds of your attendees and that will get your company the results you’re looking for. We can help you get even more from the event, so don’t hesitate to contact Lighthouse Exhibits today.

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