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Making Social Media Work for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows have been a major part of the business and industry world for years. Few places provide the same kind of opportunity to showcase your company’s expertise, stand out, and network. And while things like a great custom exhibit will certainly impact your success at the trade show, it’s also important that you look beyond the basics and start embracing everything that the world today offers to you. A perfect example of this is social media.

Adapting social media and putting it to work for you is something well worth doing, and there are plenty of ways that you can go about doing it. Here are some great ideas that can form the foundation of using social media and making it work for you during your next trade show.

  • Use Twitter or Facebook to fire off messages drawing guests to your exhibit. Special offers and announcements blasted out to your followers can help them head past other exhibits and rush to find yours.

  • Integrate your social media pages right into your displays. Adding a social media wall can let you show visitors to your exhibit what others who’ve used your site have said about you on social media, let you highlight popular posts you’ve made, and more. Adding social media to your display isn’t difficult and can add a layer of interactivity.

  • Engage with guests to convince them to follow you. Use your exhibit to draw them in, then give them a reason to follow you on social media. This can create a lasting relationship – something that’s hard to do in today’s highly competitive trade show world.

  • Videos you’ve uploaded to sites like YouTube or Facebook can become an integral part of your display as well, making it easy to showcase different aspects of your company without having to repeat yourself over and over. Use this video to introduce your company and to highlight important points.

If you’re planning a trade show appearance, it’s well worth taking a look at your social media accounts and how you can integrate your profiles into your trade show appearance. From attracting people to your booth to creating a lasting connection with them, there are plenty of different ways to use it that are easily overlooked.

When you’re ready to get more from your trade show display, we’re here to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to find out more about what we can do for you when you’re trying to stand out. Social media integration is only the beginning.

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