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Making Stronger Trade Show Impressions That Last

Trade shows have become one of the best ways to generate leads, create buzz about your product or service, and stand out in a crowded industry. But the trade show floor is crowded too, and often chaotic. It’s important that you take steps to really stand out and get noticed. And while flashy exhibits can help, there’s something more important to pay attention to – creating a memorable connection with those on the floor.

Making a strong impression is the key to being remembered among the numerous competitors on a trade show floor, and it’s important that you take the time to do so. This can seem difficult, but a few tips can help you really get the most from your next trade show.

  • Start off by making sure your exhibit design is everything it should be. This is what draws people in, but it can also help them remember you. Your brand should be on full display, and your exhibit needs to be able to show exactly what your company can do.

  • Keeping it simple is important, too. Exhibits should focus on a main theme instead of many – try to determine what it is that you really want to sell and focus on it. One or two of your key products and just a couple of main points are all you really want to display on the trade show floor. These can hook participants in at the moment, then you can show them additional options or more complex details at your follow up appointment on a future date.

  • Credibility is important. If you can establish yourself as a helpful, knowledgeable expert in your field it will pay off big time. Try to ensure that visitors to your exhibit space feel like you really know and care about your product or service.

  • Create a personal connection by telling a story or relating to visitors in unique ways. Tell them about a life or company that has been changed by what you offer. This story will often be much more memorable than a previously rehearsed presentation.

  • Get interactive. This is a key that you can’t ignore. Offer demos, use social media connectivity or an event app within your display. Let attendees try out your products for themselves. When you let visitors experience your brand for themselves in a personal way, you help them remember it after they leave the convention floor.

Standing out in the trade show matters, and it’s not as hard as you might think. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to learn more about delivering big results at your next trade show.

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