Should You Market & Promote Your Trade Show Activity?

Published February, 2024
Should You Market & Promote Your Trade Show Activity?

Should You Market & Promote Your Trade Show Activity?

If you’ve decided to attend a trade show as an exhibitor, you get your best results when working with a full-service exhibit company to help you create an ergonomic, professional presentation of your business. However, having a good physical space is only part of the battle. The other part is garnering awareness and mind-share.

But is there any value in actively planning and promoting marketing for your trade show appearance when there are going to be so many people there anyway? Here are a few reasons why you should still think about it.

Not Everyone Is Going

Of course, the biggest reason to consider marketing is that while you may meet and interact with potential new leads, customers, and clients at the trade show, not every potential lead will attend the trade show. Marketing is a way to ensure that a relevant promotional message can reach outside the confines of the trade show and potentially draw in new business that is paying attention to the activities within the trade show itself.

Always keep in mind that not every potential client or customer has the schedule to attend a trade show but still retains interest. Marketing can help to capture this segment of the market.

Social Media Is Still Attractive For Visitors

Online marketing for your trade show activities is also a good way to keep your exhibit on the radar for visitors at the show. Just because people are at the trade show doesn’t mean they stop referring to social media, particularly social media relevant to the trade show itself.

Judicious use of the right hashtags to make your social media output easier to find is the best way to go about this. It will help the people looking for your product or service find you more easily. If you include more fun or memorable posts, that can also drive people to your exhibit.

Budget Accordingly

While organic social media posts drive up interest in your trade show presence, with the right application, paid social media marketing can also bring a return on investment. This is especially true if you front-load your paid marketing in the lead-up to the trade show itself, as attendees are making their plans for which exhibits and vendors they would like to visit.

There are critical junctures before, during, and after a trade show where marketing can be just the thing to inject more interest in your product or service.

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