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Virtual Solutions

Think you know what you want? Great!

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Why should your company consider designing a virtual exhibit now, when live events will come back soon?

The answer is simple. You will want to be ready for a future where part of your audience is experiencing your brand environment in-person and others are interacting remotely.


Once attendees have been given the option to stay put and connect with their peers and exhibitors online, it will be a long time before show organizers are able to take that option away. We expect hybrid events to be the norm for several years. 

You have the ability to easily update the virtual model as your product and service offerings evolve. The process for creating a successful virtual exhibit is very similar to creating a great physical exhibit environment. 

Benefits & Features

  • Same process as a live show

  • Highly customizable 

  • Use within a virtual show now + in the future

  • 3D navigation

  • Easily accessible

  • Showcase multiple business units 

  • Real time updates

  • Brand consistency 

  • Maintain current contacts

  • Establish new connections

  • Host meetings within your virtual environment 

  • Access to data collection

  • Less expensive than the real thing!

Lighthouse Exhibits Virtual Solution.png

experience our example environment below

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