Increase Booth Visibility With A Hanging Sign

Published May, 2024
Increase Booth Visibility With A Hanging Sign

Increase Booth Visibility With A Hanging Sign

Standing out from the crowd is the best way to attract booth visitors, connect with customers and suppliers, and make an impact at your next trade show. One of the most effective ways to catch the eye of attendees and distinguish your booth is with the strategic use of a hanging sign. Hanging signs elevate your brand (quite literally) above the competition and serve as a beacon, drawing attention from across the show floor. Here is how a hanging sign can help you increase your trade show traffic.

What Is A Hanging Sign?

Hanging signs are signage suspended from the ceiling above a booth or exhibit. Hanging signs can be seen across the trade show, drawing attention and guiding visitors to your booth. They are a great way to enhance brand visibility and stand out. Hanging signs can also be customized to match your brand. They can feature your logo, images, and text. Hanging signs come in a variety of dimensions, sizes, and shapes, including:







No matter your booth layout’s size, shape, or style, a hanging sign can be fully customized to match your brand aesthetic.

How Hanging Signs Create Greater Impact

Hanging signs offer strategic positioning that ensures visibility across the venue, helping your booth stand out in a crowded environment. They serve as a visual landmark to guide attendees directly to you and enhance brand recognition by showcasing your logo or message from a unique aerial viewpoint. Drawing the eye upwards creates a focal point that’s hard to miss, ensuring that your presence is remembered at even the busiest trade shows.

How To Coordinate A Hanging Sign At A Trade Show

When you use a hanging sign, you need to make a plan to hang it at your next trade show. Start by checking with the organizers about specific hanging sign rules, including size and placement regulations. Next, hire a contractor experienced with trade show installations to hang the sign. Make sure they meet the venue and organizer’s requirements. Next, you’ll have to coordinate shipping, disassembly, and return shipping with your logistics team and the contractors after the event. Follow the trade show organizer and venue directions and complete any required documents.

A hanging sign is an effective way to stand out and draw traffic at a busy trade show. Choose a hanging sign manufacturer like Lighthouse Designs that creates aesthetic, high-quality, easy-to-assemble and hang signs. Our team of exhibit designers will work closely to make sure that your hanging sign matches your brand to create a lasting, memorable impression. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to learn more about how to make an impact with hanging signs.