Good Trade Show Outcomes Are About Good Meetings

Published October, 2023

As much as the world today relies on digital technologies to help facilitate greater efficiency, the trade show is still about one thing: generating more business by bringing business people together to talk. A full-service exhibit company is important for creating your trade show space, but once you’ve got it, you need to make the most of it by either generating new leads or actively negotiating new deals, and you do this through a fundamental skill all business people need to cultivate. Conduct a productive business meeting.

Here’s how you can ensure you have good meetings while working at a trade show with the help of your full-service exhibit company.

Research Your Prospects

Good meetings should not all be left to random chance. You can shift the odds in your favor by taking the time to look at potential clients you think would make a good fit for your product or service and then reaching out to them specifically. There will always be the potential for a random/walk-in customer or client to provide good business, but nothing is stopping you from seeing business possibilities ahead of time and capitalizing on them.

Research those businesses or customers that are a good fit for what you do, and make note of them.

Plan Two Weeks Ahead

There is such a thing as jumping the gun when it comes to arranging trade show business meetings. In general, most potential leads or clients won’t be receptive to scheduling meetings until the date of the trade show draws near. If you’re trying to schedule meetings months or even a year in advance, you’ll probably be rebuffed and told to try again closer to the date.

The ideal time to start looking at potential meeting dates is about two weeks before the show happens. In this timeframe, most attendees are now actively thinking about their trade show schedule, so this is a good time to fit your meetings in.

Get Contacts From Other Exhibits

Not everyone should be managing your exhibit; you or other staff members should also be “on the ground,” visiting other booths to evaluate different things like competitiveness or even potential new partners. When you or another employee see an exhibit where some possible business synergy or alignment occurs, reach out to the staff and get contacts to arrange for a meeting during or after the trade show.

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