Get The Right Feedback To Know What Works And What Doesn’t

Published February, 2024
Get The Right Feedback To Know What Works And What Doesn’t

Get The Right Feedback To Know What Works And What Doesn’t

A brand can think they really knocked it out of the park with their trade show exhibit, only to find that they haven’t quite reached the objectives they laid out when outlining their attendance goals. What an exhibitor views as successful and what actually succeeds with audiences can be two completely different things. The only way to bridge this gap is with effective follow-up and feedback. For brands new to the trade show scene, and brands who have been exhibiting at trade shows for years, it’s this feedback that keeps your finger on the pulse of important audiences going forward.

Post-event surveys are an excellent way to get the kind of feedback you need to ensure continued trade show success. These surveys lay out what works, what doesn’t work, and what you will try going forward to retain innovative and successful ideas. For brands that have never created a post-trade show survey before, or have seen little success from past surveys, a few questions can make a big impact:

• What was your favorite exhibit experience? – This exhibit experience can be with your brand exhibit or another, but it really shows what stuck out in their mind throughout the entire trade show.

• What could our brand improve on? – There’s nothing like getting right to the point. Asking what attendees think your exhibits could improve on gives you a clear directive to focus on next time.

• What was your biggest takeaway from our exhibit? – Naturally, brands want their trade show goal or objective to be the biggest takeaway for audiences. This shows the clear and successful execution of their trade show goal. Depending on what audiences say in the survey, your brand will know if their execution was successful or will use clearer direction in the future.

• How did the event impact your perception of the brand? – Knowing how the exhibit impacted the perception of your brand is crucial. Asking audiences outright if their perception has changed or improved lets you know how well your brand message is being communicated.

• How satisfied were you with brand engagement? – Engagement is a key part of ensuring an impactful and memorable experience. Asking audiences about their feelings regarding engagement lets you know if your brand is going in the most effective direction.

Feedback is a roadmap you will use for greater impact with each trade show experience. To learn more about how to use feedback to your advantage, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.