Exciting News: Lighthouse Exhibits Achieves Women-Owned Small Business Certification!

Published March, 2024
Exciting News: Lighthouse Exhibits Achieves Women-Owned Small Business Certification!

Exciting News: Lighthouse Exhibits Achieves Women-Owned Small Business Certification!

We are thrilled to announce Lighthouse Exhibits has achieved the Women-Owned Small Business Certification (WOSB) by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). After meeting the stringent validation and submission requirements, we can now pursue new avenues for growth and expansion with our partners. Here are some of the benefits Lighthouse Exhibits can now offer as a government-certified WOSB:

1. Government Contract Bidding Priority: The U.S. government assigns 5% of federal contracting dollars to WOSBs to encourage diversity. Businesses that partner with WOSBs can be more competitive when bidding for government contracts. Partnership with WOSBs offers a strategic advantage in the competitive federal bidding system, especially in industries where government contracts are lucrative.

2. Access New Markets And Customers: Partnering with a WOSB can help your business reach new demographics and markets. WOSBs often bring their own networks and customer relationships to the table, introducing your business to new customer segments that align with their unique market expertise or demographics. Customer diversification reduces reliance on a single market segment, increasing resilience to market fluctuations and enhancing overall business stability.

3. Meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Goals: Working with WOSBs can help you meet your company’s CSR goals, helping you demonstrate your commitment to social equity and economic diversity. Partnerships with WOSBs can enhance your company’s reputation and attract positive media attention. Furthermore, you’ll be able to reach socially conscious consumers seeking businesses committed to fostering inclusivity

4. Strengthen Your Supply Chain: Incorporating WOSBs into your supply chain enhances adaptability and fortifies resilience. A diverse supplier base expands options and ensures backup solutions during market disruptions. Leveraging the extensive networks of WOSBs can catalyze the exploration of additional business prospects, unlocking access to novel markets, suppliers, and collaborative ventures otherwise unattainable.

5. Access Innovation and Creativity: WOSBs bring a unique perspective that offers fresh insights and solutions to enhance products, services, and business processes. Collaborating with WOSBs like Lighthouse Exhibits allows you to tap into this wellspring of creativity and innovation. Innovation and creativity create a dynamic environment for growth and incredible success.

Working with a certified WOSB means you get all these benefits and more. Plus, you actively support the advancement of women in business. We’re excited about the opportunities ahead for us as a certified WOSB and unlock more opportunities to serve you with the highest level of dedication and excellence. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.