Eco Friendly Swag Sure To Impress At Your Next Trade Show

Published June, 2024
Eco Friendly Swag Sure To Impress At Your Next Trade Show

Eco Friendly Swag Sure To Impress At Your Next Trade Show

In a 2024 survey by McKinsey & Co., 66% of respondent Americans said they consider sustainability when making any sort of purchase. This is a shift that has been occurring for several years, and sustainability is even more important to younger generations coming up in today’s business world. What does this mean for trade shows? It means that eco-sustainability and limiting the carbon footprint of a trade show exhibit is more important each year.

Swag is an easy, fun, and impactful way to engage visitors to a trade show exhibit. It gives guests a lasting memento to remember your brand by, as well as an enticing way to spur organic engagement. However, with this shift toward sustainability, the most impactful swag products brands can offer today are those with an eco-conscious flair. These say a lot about the values a brand holds, as well as showing a level of awareness that makes an immediate positive impression.

Some simple eco-friendly swag ideas to impress at your next trade show include:

  • Seed paper – For brands who are planning to stick to paper promotional products like cards or pamphlets, there is a “green” way to go about it. Seed paper is biodegradable paper infused with various seeds. When recipients are “finished” with the paper products, they’re encouraged to plant them in the ground rather than throwing them away. In just a couple of weeks they have a small garden of grasses, herbs, or flowers.
  • Solar chargers – Living in an always connected world is the new normal, and having all electronics charged and ready to go is crucial in today’s business world. Branded solar chargers are portable ways to turn sunlight into a full battery. For game or contest prizes at a trade show, this is one that draws real attention thanks to its innovative usefulness.
  • Stainless straws – Having an eco-friendly portable straw on hand really comes in handy with how many eateries are doing away with straws in order to limit plastic waste. Branded stainless steel straws are the surprising promotional swag item they’ll find themselves reaching for much more than they thought.

Eco-friendly swag is a particularly impactful way to communicate a green message to visitors at your trade show exhibit. For more sustainable swag ideas, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.