Dominate Visual Impact With Your Trade Show Exhibit

Published June, 2024
Dominate Visual Impact With Your Trade Show Exhibit

Dominate Visual Impact With Your Trade Show Exhibit

As attendees walk around a trade show, brands have an average of about three seconds to grab their attention among the hustle and bustle. While this might seem like a difficult task, it’s actually quite easy with savvy trade show design. The assistance of a full-service exhibit company helps, especially when services are used alongside your brand’s own creative voice.

Within three seconds a trade show attendee will know if they’re going to stop by your exhibit or if they’re going to keep on walking by. Counting to three shows you just how quick this is, and how important an immediately impactful design is as well. When you’re communicating your immediate trade show message and design, focus on saying just a little less instead of saying too much. You want the immediate visual of your exhibit to be impactful, and to leave attendees wanting to stop by to have their questions answered after their curiosities have been piqued.

When you have your design laid out, look at it for just three seconds. Have those outside of the exhibitor team look at it for just three seconds. If they understand the core of your message, but they want to know more, you know you’ve mastered the art of the first impression.

Next, you’ll consider the natural traffic flow of the trade show venue. There will be a natural traffic pattern that flows around the trade show, and with planning you’ll see where your branding will be seen, when it will be seen, and how it will be framed amongst the rest of the exhibits surrounding it. Using this to your advantage is key. Upon first glance of your exhibit, the goal is to grab attention immediately and make the best use of this time as possible. Arrange your display with this in mind and make sure the most impactful elements are seen first.

Lastly, as attendees step toward your display, it’s the consistency of your branding that will draw them in with an immersive and cohesive experience. Colors, typefaces, graphics, and themes all come into play to create a world within a world with your trade show exhibit.

With the help of exhibit professionals, mastering a dominant visual impact is straight forward. To learn more about maximizing your exhibit’s visual impact, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.