Designing A More Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit

Published June, 2024
Designing A More Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit

Designing A More Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit

Environmental sustainability is important to the majority of Americans. For brands that value environmental sustainability, particularly those who make sustainability a big part of their brand personality, communicating this in your trade show exhibit is crucial. Without “walking the walk”, consumers and trade show attendees are less likely to believe the talk.

It’s easier than you think to incorporate sustainability into your trade show display. With some creative thinking and design, a trade show display can prove your brand’s commitment to lowering its carbon footprint. A few ideas for simply incorporating green ideas into a trade show exhibit are:

  • Rent over buy – Initially, buying seems like the more cost-effective option for many. Afterall, these are things trade show exhibitors are bringing to show after show throughout the year. However, consider the logistics. You’ll have to get those items to trade shows around the country, and they will need to be replaced as trends and goals shift. Rather than buying, renting is another option. Not only does renting contribute less to waste, it also helps to boost local economies, you don’t have to worry about shipping, and it allows for a more customizable experience between trade shows.
  • Choose sustainable materials – It’s easy to communicate a commitment to sustainability with the materials used in a trade show exhibit. Aluminum, bamboo, and recycled materials look sharp and inviting while also acting as a concrete way to prove your brand’s eco-friendly values.
  • Do away with printed materials – Printed materials are huge contributors to landfill waste from trade shows. While that brochure may look great, consider where it’s going to be a week or a month from when you hand it to an attendee. QR codes, downloadable content, VR, and other bits of digital information serve the same purpose but without contributing to any paper waste. In the case of VR or interactive games, brands actually benefit from a more interactive experience than what they would achieve with a traditional pamphlet. Engagement and interactivity maximize the impact your brand has on attendee memory.

Brands can make a big impact while minimizing their impact on the environment. Going green is cost effective and it leaves a great impression on attendees who value eco-sustainability. For more ideas to bring your trade show exhibit into a greener space, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today.