Can Blogs Help Your Trade Show?

Published January, 2024
Can Blogs Help Your Trade Show?

Can Blogs Help Your Trade Show?

These days, aside from the importance of working with a good trade show company, online marketing is often touted as an important strategy to use. The emphasis on online marketing usually goes to social media, but there’s one aspect of Internet marketing that can still be incredibly effective, and that is the blog.

While blogging may not have the same bite-sized, fast, and easy-to-consume quality as a quick social media post, it still dominates the Internet in one important way: education. Blogs can be detailed and informative in a way that a one or two-sentence social media post can’t be.

So here’s how you should be using your blog for maximum effect to help your trade show efforts.

Promote The Show In Advance

A good rule of thumb here is that about 3-4 months before the trade show takes place is a good time to start informing your market about it on your blog. The ideal situation is that you maintain your blog actively throughout the year, but if you don’t, preparing with trade show announcement posts may be a good way to start and then follow through as the show concludes.

Trade show blog posts should be about both the event itself as well as promoting your own product or service. Always remember that a blog is like a brochure; this is where you can be more detailed and informative, as readers expect heavier content from a blog post.

Document The Show

It’s not just social media that can give quick snippets of the trade show itself. Your blog can be a repository, not just for photos but for additional information. You may want to allocate this task to a staff member who is less involved at the trade show or find the energy to do this when the show closes for the day.

The key thing here is to provide more detail that a social media post wouldn’t cover. Maintain your authority as an expert on your product or service and provide meaningful information and analysis about your business and the trade show.

Follow Up

Once the trade show is over, remember to follow up on leads you may have established during the trade show, as well as provide “after-action” content on your blog itself. Usually, there should be some change or advancement after a trade show, such as learning about new trends in your industry, for example. Be sure to document these things and provide your expertise on how this will affect the business in the future.

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