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Making The Most Of Your Livestream

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lot of trade shows either canceled or postponed. Businesses that rely on events like those to generate leads have had to look for more creative ways to present their product or service to new prospects. If you’re experiencing this now, you’re probably looking for a way to keep your marketing efforts going to stay in touch with your network. Nothing beats in-person marketing, but the next best thing you can do to stay relevant to your audience in this time of social distancing is by joining or setting up a virtual event. This involves livestreaming, and if you’re new to this medium, here are some ways to make it work for you: Use A Professional Backdrop Even if

Things To Do Before Your Virtual Trade Show Exhibit

Virtual trade shows and industry conferences aren’t unheard of. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been around. While you might have the same goals in your virtual event as with your offline trade exhibit, there are some things you need to consider when planning an event that will be done solely online. Other than the equipment and technology you’ll be using to create a better booth, here are some things you have to do before your virtual trade show to fully maximize your exhibit: Strategize Aside from gathering leads, make sure to set clear goals and benchmarks so you’ll have a basis for whether or not your exhibit was successful. Keep your vision in mind so as not to waste your t

Webinar Hosting 101: How To Set Up A Webinar

With trade shows canceled across the globe in response to COVID-19, many marketers are looking for new ways to reach their customers and generate new leads. One of the best ways is by hosting a webinar. However, if you’ve never hosted a webinar before, this idea can sound a little daunting. In this article, we cover the very basics of planning a webinar. Start With An Idea Schedule a meeting with your team. Make sure to include those who interface with your customers regularly like your customer service or sales teams. Also include members of your product development team Talk about what questions and comments come up the most. Discuss your latest products and projects. As you go through th

Six Ideas For Generating B2B Sales Leads Without Trade Shows

As a result of COVID-19, trade shows are canceled for the foreseeable future. This leaves many B2B marketers and sales reps without access to their primary means of lead generation. To generate leads, marketers have to think outside of the box and strategize novel ways to connect with potential new customers. Here are X lead generating ideas to get you started. 1. Look To LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great lead generating platform, especially when you are trying to connect with decision-makers or primarily focus on B2B sales. You can search individuals by title, company, and even the type of industry. You can research leads on LinkedIn for free, but if you want to contact people directly through t


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