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Four Tips To Help Your Sales And Marketing Team Get The Most Out Of A Virtual Trade Show

Many of the most popular trade shows and industry conferences have decided to host virtual trade shows during the COVID-19 pandemic. If this is your first time attending a virtual trade show, you may not be sure how to capitalize on the opportunity and be successful. Here are X tips to help you make the most out of your upcoming virtual exhibit. 1. Design Your Virtual Booth Just like with a physical booth, you want your virtual booth to stand out and really represent your brand identity. Weeks before the conference is scheduled, start mapping out a design. Look into all the features they offer like HTML5, gifs, and banners. Make sure to fully take advantage of these features and design an ey

Backdrop Ideas For Your Virtual Trade Show

In the wake of COVID-19, many event organizers have been coming up with novel ways to continue their business. One of the most common found among trade show and industry conference organizers is to host a virtual trade show for their exhibitors and attendees. Virtual trade shows are a great way to continue the existing relationships and connect with new customers. However, just as with an in person trade show or conference, you want your brand to stand out. One of the ways to do that is with an attractive backdrop that helps communicate your brand. Here are some ideas for memorable, conversation starting backdrops. Set Up Your Booth If you have a smaller booth like a 10 x 10 and the space in

Four B2B Marketing Ideas To Do When Your Major Trade Shows Have Been Cancelled

Many B2B marketers rely solely on trade shows and industry conferences to connect with their audience and meet new customers. However, with COVID-19, large gatherings across the globe have been cancelled, leaving many marketing teams unsure how to reach their audience during this time. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in the interim to continue building your brand, fostering new leads, and gaining new customers. Here are four strategies to get you started: 1. Attend Digital Events A lot of trade show and industry conference organizers have moved to digital platforms to host their events. These digital events can provide your sales and marketing teams with the opportunity to gene

Online Alternatives To Trade Shows

Don’t you just miss trade shows? It’s the human connection you make during them that’s hard to replace. While trade show events are not a viable option in the current state of the world today, don’t lose hope. There are other ways to find high-quality leads, and one of them is going virtual. Try Email Marketing A lot of consumers still prefer to communicate with brands through email. It’s a great medium to reach out to your leads and customers. Trade show attendees often list down their emails before an event. Use that information to create a targeted email campaign. Step up your email marketing game by promoting one specific product or service at a time to generate repeat business from your

Making Your Online Trade Show Exhibit More Engaging

What you probably miss most about trade shows is the interaction between you and a potential customer. Nothing can beat that. However, with physical distancing measures being strictly enforced because of the COVID-19 situation, face-to-face meetings are impossible nowadays. Because of that, we turn to virtual events instead. While that sounds new and exciting, keeping a remote audience involved is a challenge most of the time. People will try to tune into a virtual event, but they’ll eventually lose focus and do other things such as browsing social media, checking emails, or sending a quick message to a friend until they’ve tuned out of the event entirely. There are too many distractions onl


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