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Easy Tips To Get Better Trade Show Exhibit Design

Heading to the trade show is something that is very important for businesses operating today. Few other experiences let you network, build relationships, showcase your products and services, and generate leads in quite the same way. Best of all, you can let your creativity and your business’ sense of style out in a huge way. But before you start planning the next show, it’s important that you remember one fundamental thing – effective trade show exhibits are the foundation on which the entire experience is built. As such, understanding some of the elements that will elevate your trade show exhibit to new heights is important – it’s also fairly easy to do. Here’s a look at some of the tips to

Easy Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Trade Show Results

Getting the best possible ROI from your trade show visits is important. After all, you’ll be paying for good exhibit design, construction, and booth space when you go. That money needs to get your business some actual results, whether it’s generating effective leads, introducing your new products, or making professional connections. Investing in good exhibit design and construction is the first step, and having a great product or service matters as well. But did you know that using social media is one of the most effective ways to get even more from your trade show experience? Start with a good trade show exhibit with the right kind of design and branding, but then as the trade show approach

Jackie Hake Named In Exhibit City News 40 Under 40

The right kind of trade show exhibit can have a huge impact on your business’ success or failure. And as a result, it makes sense that any business needs to pay attention to their own trade show presence. At Lighthouse Exhibits, we understand this completely – our president and creative director has been in the industry for more than a decade, and we focus on making sure that you get the best from your time at a trade show. It’s not just our clients that understands the successes that Jackie Hake has had – recently, Exhibit City News has recognized her as well. The publication’s 40 Under 40 awards honor those who have made stellar successes in the industry and who routinely contribute more t

The Key Elements Of A Good Trade Show Exhibit

The trade show offers businesses plenty of chances to expand their reach. Networking, lead generation, peer to peer connection, and more. All can happen at a trade show. But in order to really get the most from your time at the show and your investment in it, you’ll need to make sure you have a strong exhibit. The right trade show exhibit offers you the chance to make meaningful connections and build relationships that last – it provides maximum ROI no matter your budget. With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the key elements of a good trade show exhibit. Branding – If your company brand isn’t on full display, you’re wasting your time and energy – not to mention your money. Good branding

Good Trade Show Exhibit Design Equals Good Messaging

Few things are as beneficial to businesses and working professionals as the trade show. The opportunity to network, build a lead list, and showcase your new products or services are unmatched elsewhere and it’s important that you do all you can to get the most from your time there. One thing that you can’t overlook is how important good trade show exhibit design is. And when it comes to truly getting the most from your experience, making sure that your trade show design also generates strong messaging is an absolute must. It’s not always easy to blend strong messaging into a good design, however. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind. Branding Matters. Make sure that your design c


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