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What to Avoid when Trying to Build Relationships at Trade Shows

There are many blogs and articles out there that tell a business what they should do when it comes to participating in a trade show to market and advertise their business. However, there are also things that should be avoided if you wish to build lasting and solid relationships. Do Not Appear Bored or Uninterested If you do not look like you want to be there, then what makes the potential leads want to stop? If they don’t feel that you look like you are excited to be there or want to engage in conversation, then they are going to pass right by the booth without second thoughts. Do not wait for people to approach you, do not sit in the back of the booth. Be proactive and politely firm and agg

The Importance of Trade Shows for Business Growth

Trade shows are an important element of gaining publicity and coverage for a business and their products or services. Trade shows provide the chance for a business to meet with prospective clients on a one on one and face to face level and engage them in a more personal manner. It is a cost-effective networking and advertising tool. Create Memories Creating a lasting impression can come from a well-designed booth with interactive technology, literature, and even a few promotional items. Signing up as a speaker at the trade show is also an excellent way to put your company in the spotlight and encourage people to ask for more information. You will be remembered, and your words will lead the p

The Importance of Marketing to Millenials

Millennials comprise a clear majority of the population and are entering the workforce with diligence, motivation, and support. Millennials are easier to reach than other demographics and can become the most loyal clients to any business as long as the business proves to be trustworthy and have the clients’ best interests in mind. It is important for Millennials to form close relationships with brands they are interested in, which means creating a memorable experience for them at the next trade show is essential to gaining their business and support. Social Media Millennials are digital natives and have grown up with innovation and technology as their language and the cornerstone of their li

The Five Best Practices for Trade Show Exhibitors

Trade shows are an important aspect of marketing and advertising for a business that not only promotes the business, products, or services, they also create vital personal relationships with prospective clients and can generate a higher number of potential leads. 1. Demos and Presentations Demos and presentations are important because this is what will attract people to skip over one booth and go to your booth. You want them to be visually interested and excited before they even inquire about the products or services that are offered. If there is signage below the height of the booth, then it most likely will go unnoticed. Any signage should be clean and straightforward, not overly linguisti


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