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Five Guaranteed Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Exhibit

There are now more than 50 million Millennials in the workforce, making them a key demographic to engage at trade shows. Millennials have some unique generational characteristics and require a different marketing approach than Boomers and Gen Xers. Here are some key points to consider adding to your tradeshow exhibit that will better attract and engage millennials. 1. Incorporate Technology Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation in history. They expect instant access to information. Consider highlighting technology in your exhibit by incorporating digital marketing materials like high-tech interactive product demos. There is no need to be particularly tech-savvy., Offering a charging

VR And Trade Show Exhibits

For millions of video game fans and technology lovers, the future is officially here. Virtual Reality products are on the market now, and run with the Sony PlayStation as well as any high-end computer. While that’s great news for gamers and those looking to experience another world, it’s also well worth looking at VR and what it could do for other aspects of our lives. In particular, VR can be implemented in numerous ways that can help businesses grow their fan base and their overall level of success. In the trade show world, virtual reality systems can become standout tools that have numerous positive impacts on your life. Just what can implementing VR do for a trade show exhibit? Consider


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