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Creating Relationships Through Trade Shows

When a majority of businesses head to trade shows, they have one thing on their minds – generating leads and making sales. However, while that should certainly be your overall goal there is something else to consider here – creating relationships with participants. If you’ll give this subject some of your attention, you’ll see why it’s so vital to getting the most from your trade show presence. Why Creating Relationships Matters So Much When a trade show participant arrives at your booth, you have just a few seconds to interact with them or capture their attention. A flashy sales pitch is great, but going beyond and crafting a relationship is a much better option. Here’s why. Creating a rel

Capturing The Millennials At Your Next Trade Show

We all know that the current market is constantly changing and evolving. Today, millennials make up a huge portion of the market share and as such it’s vital that you take the time to capitalize on them and their spending power as much as you can. Most companies are already doing so in their basic marketing and branding efforts, but what about your time at a trade show? Trade shows are filled with millennials. Being sure that you attract them to your exhibit and that you actually create a lasting impression on them is vital for your success there. But it’s not always easy to do, and it’s worth remembering a few key tips that can help you get the most from your efforts. Here is what to rememb


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