Are You Remembering These Boxes On Your Exhibit Space Checklist?

Published October, 2023

Working with a trade show company to help prepare your exhibit space is a cornerstone of having a successful trade show experience. However, if you want the best possible chance for success, educating yourself on the specifics of participating in a trade show and working in an exhibit space is always a good idea. After all, if you’re paying for an exhibit or display, you get more out of it the more you know about it.

Here are some things you should plan for when conceptualizing your exhibit space to be built by your trade show company.

Electrical Services

This will be a crucial component of planning and design for most exhibit spaces. If you have any electronics in your exhibit, they will need electrical power to run, if only to recharge batteries, if nothing else. If your staff uses laptops or virtual reality headsets, or your exhibit space has multiple monitors and other displays running your video content, you must plan on electrical services to keep everything going.

It’s also important to note that providing charging stations or other amenities for visitors can sometimes draw people to your exhibit and staff another opportunity to promote.


This is another important consideration. Most trade shows will offer some Wi-Fi service for attendees, but with the sheer number of people attending, this can often be a sluggish experience that is not ideal. Ensure that you have access to wifi for the exhibitors, or, if that’s not possible, create your own wifi space so that your own internet connection can rely on that instead of the general public network.


Depending on your business and needs, you’ve got a huge selection of different flooring surfaces for your exhibit space, rather than just relying on the floor of the actual exhibit hall. For some, interlocking tiles may be the way to go, while others may choose carpet or even carpet tile.

One reason to think about flooring surfaces is that this can contribute to your space’s overall look in a way that the natural exhibit floor does not.


If you have staff working your exhibit at your trade show, or you plan to do some promotion yourself, and a lot of standing is involved, then an underpad is essential. This special cushioning layer can be added under carpets to soften the surface and provide more comfort and support for people on their feet.

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