5 Layout Ideas For Your Trade Show Exhibit

Published July, 2024
5 Layout Ideas For Your Trade Show Exhibit

5 Layout Ideas For Your Trade Show Exhibit

The layout of your trade show exhibit sets the tone for the entire attendee experience. Before you start on any other aspect of the design, have a layout in mind that gives attendees the sort of experience you’re looking for to meet your attendance goals. If you don’t have an idea for your trade show exhibit layout yet, 5 layout ideas and how they impact the guest experience are:

1. Theater layout – A Theater Layout focuses on a central presentation area, and this area is then surrounded by a seating or audience section. The central presentation area can be outfitted with a stage or stage-like platform, and the audience area can be either flat and prepared with chairs or laid out with risers; whichever choice best fits your desired atmospheric vision. The Theater Layout is a popular pick for trade show exhibits that focus primarily on demonstrations or showing off a particular product.

2. Fortress – A Fortress layout creates an intimate experience for visitors to your trade show exhibit. Higher walls surround the trade show display, guiding visitors around the exhibit in a way that makes them feel like they’re having their own private experience with your brand. The Fortress is the ideal choice for brands who want to create an immersive atmosphere.

3. The Plaza – The Plaza can be thought of as the opposite of the Fortress. While the Fortress focuses on privacy, intimacy, immersion, and exclusivity, the Plaza hones in on an atmosphere of hustle, bustle, and openness. All are welcome in the Plaza layout, and all are encouraged to interact with the exhibit at once. To create a Plaza layout, all walls will be kept open, and structures scattered throughout the exhibit for open interaction encouraging movement.

4. The Axis Layout – The Axis layout has a central focal point at the center of the exhibit, but with graphics and other elements around this focal point to encourage visitors to move around as they make their way to the center area. The Axis layout is a great choice for showcasing a specific product or service, which can be placed at center, with additional information and interactive elements surrounding it.

5. The Centerpiece – The Centerpiece is a layout that is similar to the Axis, but without the controlled traffic flow. While The Axis is closed to encourage movement around a central structure, the Centerpiece retains that central focal point but with open surroundings. The Centerpiece is an excellent option for showcasing a product in a smaller space that brands want to keep feeling airy, open, and welcoming.

Your layout will impact all other elements in your exhibit design. To learn more about the various layouts available for your trade show display, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.