4 Factors That Affect Your Trade Show Budget

Published March, 2024
4 Factors That Affect Your Trade Show Budget

4 Factors That Affect Your Trade Show Budget

If you want to attend a trade show to improve your business, you should engage some experienced professional exhibit services for the best results. However, a trade show done right means honing in on what your goal for the show is, as well as carving out a proper budget for a realistic return on investment.

Here are four factors you should keep in mind as you figure out your budget for a trade show.

Booth Space

One of the first budgetary considerations will be the pricing of booth space. From this initial decision, all other budgetary considerations flow. Most trade shows will have different tiers of spaces available so that small businesses can find a space to work with, as well as middle-sized enterprises, all the way up to multinational corporate spaces. Find the space that works for you and your budget.

Exhibition Stand

This is typically where exhibit services will come in. Unless you have the experience yourself, you’ll most likely want to hand your exhibit design and construction to a company with a good reputation in this market. Be especially careful when allocating your budget for the exhibit itself because this is where “the money shows up.”

How much money you spend here will have a direct effect on the appearance and your business presence at a trade show.


Another important budget factor is the logistics consideration. It’s not enough to design and build an exhibit; you’ll need to have that exhibit transported to the trade show floor and assembled. On top of that, you will also need to cover your own costs for your and your team going to the trade show and having food and accommodations while there.

All of this must be carefully planned and budgeted for.

Show Floor Services

Will you need reliable access to WiFi? Will you need carpet flooring? Are there any additional utilities or services you will require for your exhibit? These are extra considerations that require planning ahead and then ensuring they are allocated to your total trade show budget. The last thing you want is to find out that the Internet access your exhibit requires is unavailable for use because you forgot to ask for it as part of your service package.

Look carefully at the goals you have for your trade show experience, and ensure that functionality and services to enable them are available and secured for your exhibit.

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