3 Ways To Generate Leads At Trade Shows

Published November, 2023
3 Ways To Generate Leads At Trade Shows

3 Ways To Generate Leads At Trade Shows

A company can experience a significant boost in business if it works with a trade show company and participates in the right kind of trade show. Lead generation is one of the biggest results of proper trade show engagement, but to get that kind of marketing return on investment requires a proper approach to lead generation. Here are three things you can do to build up your lead generation possibilities at your next trade show.

Attractive Exhibit

Lead generation is about getting contact information so your staff has more potential clients to talk to and engage. One of the fastest ways to get those contacts is to attract the contacts to your exhibit. This is where trade show companies can be critical to your efforts, as they are the experts in exhibit design and construction.

It’s not enough to create a functional exhibit; if your budget allows, talk to your trade show company about creating an attractive, eye-catching design so that people who pass by will stop and even visit your exhibit.

Create Reasons To Visit

While you may provide a product or service that clients and/or customers can benefit from, it’s always better to hedge your bets and offer additional reasons to attract visitors to your exhibit. Having a giveaway or other promotional activity during the trade show, for example, is a good way to attract random passers-by who might otherwise have kept on walking.

More tangible reasons outside of your existing product or service are also good ways to engage more visitors. If you have a new product or service that is enhancing your current capabilities, for example, then the promotion of this new asset is a good way to attract visitors, especially if it’s a feature not that common among your competitors.

Use Digital Techniques

One of the worst things that can happen with lead generation is that potential leads are lost or ultimately decided to be not viable. This can occur when staff use older methods, such as writing leads down on paper. A better way to ensure fast, efficient gathering of leads is to lean on more reliable technologies.

The business card, of course, is a good basic method of quickly getting relevant contact information for leads, but digital acquisition techniques can also supplement this. Getting consent to gather LinkedIn profiles, for example, is a fast way to get a reliable, centralized digital resource that everyone can access.

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